Medical Conditions

Relevant Medical Conditions

Please get in touch if you have any health questions listed below to see how Avalon can adapt your session accordingly

History of DVT/Phlebitis/Embolism Yes/No Contagious Skin Disorder Yes/No
Any History of Cancer Yes/No Boils/Verrucas/warts Yes/No
Receiving Chemotherapy/Radiotherapy Yes/No
High/Low Blood Pressure Yes/No Any Allergies Yes/No
Diarrhoea/Vomiting in last  72 hours Yes/No Eczema/Psoriasis Yes/No
Medical Oedema Yes/No Cuts/abrasions/bruising Yes/No
Recent Operation Yes/No Swelling Yes/No
Fever in last 72 hours Yes/No Regular Periods Yes/No
Severe Varicose Veins Yes/No Pregnant/Trying to conceive Yes/No
Asthmatic/Respiratory Problems Yes/No Menopause Yes/No
Heart Issue/Pacemaker/Stroke Yes/No Recent Head or Neck Injury Yes/No
Diabetes Yes/No Migraine/Headaches Yes/No
Epilepsy Yes/No Limited body movement Yes/No
Arthritis Yes/No Hepatitis B/HIV/AIDS Yes/No
Psychosis Yes/No Undiagnosed Lumps Yes/No
Have recently had Covid Vaccine Yes/No Adverse reaction to Covid Vaccine e.g Blood Clots Yes/No