Swedish Massage is an amazing therapy that enhances relaxation and instil a great sense of well-being in both mind and body. It involves using heated oil to encourage long flowing strokes using light to firm pressure depending on what pressure you desire (The session is always tailored for the individual) I always try to incorporate facial and head massage at the end of each treatment, however this is not always desired by the client because of the oil. This preference is usually discussed during consultation.

There are so many fantastic benefits to receiving massage and especially regular massage. My aim is to treat the client holistically therefore ensuring that it’s just not the body that gets a whole work out but emotionally their needs will be met too. Swedish Massage can help maintain the release of tension of the muscles in the body and therefore reduce and eliminate pain. It can also encourage lymphatic drainage and improve circulation of the flow of blood around and through soft tissue damage thus encouraging the body’s natural healing process.

< £44 Back, Neck and Shoulder 45 minutes

< £53 Swedish massage 1 hour

< £62 Swedish massage 90 minutes

< £80 Swedish massage 2 hours

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