Swedish Massage

Swedish massage is the most common type of massage used in the western world.

The aim of massage treatment is to encourage relaxation and instil a great sense of well-being in both mind and body. The massage can be uplifting and invigorating depending on what you, the client requires.  Manipulation should be used on certain trigger areas to release any tension, stress and pain from the body and promotes the recovery of motor skills.  It’s also used to prevent injury and rehabilitate resulting in healing and normalising tissues/ muscles in the body.

There are so many fantastic benefits to receiving massage and especially regular massage. The aim is to treat the client holistically therefore ensuring that it’s just not the body that gets a whole work out but emotionally their needs will be met too. Massage therapy can help maintain the release of tension of the muscles in the body and therefore reduce and eliminate pain. It can also encourage lymphatic drainage and improve circulation of the flow of blood around and through soft tissue damage thus encouraging the body’s natural healing process.

The reduction and breaking down of scar tissue is also one of the great benefits of massage but also it can be extremely helpful for the following conditions:

  1. Sport injuries
  2. Release pain in the body caused by serious injury
  3. Repetitive strain injury
  4. Pregnancy and child birth
  5. Insomnia
  6. Stress, anxiety, nerves and depression
  7. Rehabilitation after surgery
  8. MS, Me and Fibromyalgia
  9. Emphysema and Asthma

If you wish to book an appointment or have any questions about Swedish Massage please contact  meI’ll be happy to answer your questions.