Reflexology has its roots planted back in Egyptian times as far as 2330 BCE. It is based on the principle that the different points of the nervous system and meridians on the feet and hands correlate to different parts of your body.

Reflexology is a system where the glands, organs, and other systems of the body are mapped onto the feet, these are known as reflex points. By manipulating these reflex points with gentle pressure and massage it encourages the whole body to bring great balance to the mind and body.

Reflexology will allow your stress and anxiety melt away and encourage wonderful relaxation. It can help with many health conditions, promotes higher quality of sleep, and completely resets the nervous system reducing your fight or flight response to stressful situations. It can also be beneficial for infertility, PMT and I have witnessed fantastic results for PDSD, trauma and depression.

Hands massage in the spa salon in the garden

Hand Reflexology

Hand reflexology is the same as Foot Reflexology where the manipulation and the massage of the reflex points on the hand bring about the same relaxation and balance to the whole mind and body. It is a shorter treatment than Foot Reflexology, however it is still extremely effective.

Foot Reflexology

< £44 for 1 hr (combination is the same price)

< £53 for 90 minutes

Hand Reflexology

< £26 for 30 minutes

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