Weight Loss

On a purely biological level, you eat to sustain life, fuel activity and to preserve your health. You eat because you’re hungry and hunger is your body’s signal to you that its time to seek food. Hunger is a strong feeling because getting food is a major part of surviving as an animal in the wild state. Your body is built to a prehistoric design, to cope with prehistoric conditions. In this primitive state, food is scarce and you eat what you can get, when you can get it.

Your body is also designed so that eating is pleasurable, and the pleasure continues even for a little while after your ‘full’. This allows you to eat a little more than you actually need at any given moment to sustain life, activity and health. If an animal comes upon a little extra food, its body can make use of it to store up some fat in case of leaner times ahead.

The problem being is that you don’t live in prehistoric times anymore and there’s plenty of food around now, and it’s not all roots and berries either! The current food environment is not only more plentiful, it also has higher proportions of fats and sugars than the prehistoric menu had to offer. In effect, you’re left with trying to control a prehistoric appetite with a modern conscious mind.

If your mind was in perfect working order all the time, it could just tell you to ‘eat this salad, it’s really good for you’ or ‘that’s enough now stop eating’. Unfortunately your mind can have its own reasons for overeating and they are just as compelling as any prehistoric appetite. Because your mind is mostly unconscious, it can be hard to uncover your many reasons for overeating.

The reason you may overeat and become overweight might not be so obvious to you at this point of your life. Any reason that is likely to make you function in a way that may cause you long term physical, emotional, social or mental discomfort, is a reason that has long since been buried down deep inside in order for you to avoid recognition. Unearthing this reason or reasons will not be as difficult as you may believe and not at all uncommon. The following are some reasons why anyone, including you, may overeat:

  • You eat to reward yourself
  • You eat to forget an unpleasant experience 
  • You eat when you need love
  • You eat because you are afraid 

We all have a tendency to bury our feelings with food, but if we eat because of emotional hunger, our bodies will never feel satisfied, because no amount of food is going to change the way we feel. With the help of hypnotherapy and EFT, and finding new ways to replace old eating habits, success of becoming your desired weight can be achieved.