Smoking Cessation

When a smoker experiences their first cigarette, it’s highly unlikely they find it enjoyable, but they carry on practicing until they became very skilled at smoking and also convince themselves that they ‘really enjoy smoking’

But when they became a regular smoker, eventually they no longer smoke at a conscious level, it becomes a subconscious action or more commonly known as a habit. That is why many smokers who wish to stop smoking find it extremely difficult, because it has become a subconscious habit. Their conscious mind can try as hard as it likes to stop smoking, some may call this willpower, but the subconscious will continue with the habit because that’s what it’s been programmed to do.

The subconscious can’t distinguish between a good habit and a bad habit, so we would need to reprogram the subconscious mind, with the use of hypnosis and an effective plan to prevent you from seeking to fill the void left by stopping smoking with another vice such as overeating.

It’s important to stress that you have to want to give up smoking for the therapy to work, rather than just thinking that you should give up, or someone close to you wants you to give up. If you are not committed to giving up smoking then you are really just wasting your money.

My smoking cessation therapy is extremely effective and if you are willing to work with Hypnotherapy and you truly wish to stop smoking, you will be able to stop. But you are also responsible for the outcome, so it’s imperative that we work together to help you to stop smoking.

So, if you now wish to book an appointment, may I take this opportunity to say CONGRATULATIONS; you have taken the first steps in becoming a non-smoker forever.