Today neuroscientists estimate that 95% of our emotions, actions and decisions are led by our subconscious mind arising from possible childhood conditioning or passed on genetics often leading to automatic wrong decisions we tend to make in life.

Hypnotherapy is a wonderful state of pure relaxation where you are fully in control, i would describe it as a deep guided meditative practice. In my career as a therapist I have helped clients to eradicate or manage problems such as:

< Depression, anxiety, stress, phobias, bulimia, blushing, driving test nerves, fear of flying, fear of swimming, confidence, panic attack and many more.

Whilst in this meditative state it allows the critical mind to become at peace and prevents the monkey brain from arguing back. In this state you are much more receptive to suggestion to bring about positive changes in your life and letting go of the past! The session is completely tailored to the individual by using the information gathered from the consultation and future talks.

Nebula concept of human head astral silhouette with neurons web abstract background. Generative AI illustration chakra meditation blue energy cybernetic chaotic brain activity

I recommend using Hypnotherapy and EFT used together as they are extremely effective and powerful therapies that complement each other so well, but I’m also very happy to do stand-alone sessions.

< £62 Hypnotherapy & Consultation -– please allow for up to 90 minutes on the first session

< £53 Hypnotherapy 1 hour

< £71 Hypnotherapy & EFT – please allow for up to 2 hrs on the first session

The number of sessions completely depends on the individual and some problems can be overcome in as little as 3 sessions.

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