Hypno-analysis is used to discover the original cause of psychological and emotional problems, in other words getting to the root cause of the problem. When we are young or when we feel vulnerable, we don’t always have the resources to help us deal with what is happening to us and sometimes we repress those painful emotions. If an incident occurs and creates enormous emotion like shame, fear or embarrassment, then that emotion could be strong enough to actually penetrate the subconscious mind, and the whole event could be completely concealed from the conscious mind.

These repressed emotions simmer away happily in all of us; they do not go away but remain under the surface, below the level of conscious awareness. When we hit stressful times in our lives, these repressed emotions can manifest externally and express themselves in ways we can understand like phobias, panic attacks, lack of energy, lack of concentration, anxiety, and stress.

Having a strong instinct for survival we deal with these the best we can. Some of us turn to drugs, alcohol, smoking, comfort eating, become workaholics and various addictive and compulsive behaviours such as gambling. But these are only distractions and sticking plasters that mask or simply put a lid on the emotions we do not want to feel.

One of the biggest benefits of Hypno-analysis is that once the underlying anxiety or the problem is looked at, acknowledged, and released with understanding. The associated symptoms can reduce accordingly, and you can then come to terms with the past and are no longer pulled into different emotional directions which you feel you can’t control.

Hypno-analysis can often help with a far wider range of issues and can enable you to look forward confidently to a brighter and happier future. Contact Avalon to find out how Hypnoanalysis can help you.

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