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 by Michelle Morgan
Healing hands

Jane was recommended to me from a friend, i was looking for something to help with my perimenopause and heavy periods. Its been the best decision to go to her, i feel so relaxed from start to finish. She makes you feel so welcome and is such a good listener, i love our session's, we put the world to right which makes me feel so much better. Sorry Jane for always chewing your ear off xx

Lol thank you so much Michelle i love our sessions and you can 'chew my ear off anytime' lovely

 by Heulwen Way
Fantastic - thoroughly recommended

I've been struggling with a sore neck and shoulder for some time and had not been able to find any relief. A friend recommended I see Jane based on her own positive experiences. I'm glad I did - I had a full body Swedish massage and it was fantastic. A really friendly, welcoming and pleasant experience all round and most importantly my neck and shoulder felt wonderful afterwards. I will definitely be returning in the future for more treatments. Thanks you Jane!

Thank you so much for your review Heulwen, it was so lovely to meet you and i look forward to seeing you soon x

 by Laura John
Can't recommend enough

After a friend's recommendation, I've been going to see Jane for almost a year now and started with EFT, moving on to reflexology and I honestly can't recommend her enough! When I first started, I was a nervous wreck with little self esteem and confidence. Jane instantly put me at ease and tailored the sessions to suit me. It's no exaggeration to say that my life has completely changed since visiting her and now visits are like going to see an old friend for a well-being top up. Can't recommend enough.

What a lovely Review, thank you so much Laura.It’s been my honour to work with you and watch you grow into the confident person you have become. I absolutely love our sessions and you right, your like an old friend coming for a visit ?

 by Emma Jenkins
The best around!

I was recommended Jane by my friend following quite bad anxiety problems. My first few sessions were for Reiki, which was fabulous, but during my 3rd session, we started talking about reflexology and the benefits of it, so I gave it a try. I literally haven't looked back. Jane is wonderful and so approachable. She lets me sit in silence if I need to, or talk to her for the hour with my worries, troubles or rants! Its a little bit of me time where I can reset.

I can't recommend Jane or thank her enough!

Thank you so much for the review my lovely. I truly love our sessions and it’s just wonderful to see your changes as the weeks go by. Your amazing ???

 by Sarah Salter

I have been having Reflexology with Jane over a year now,
She has helped me so much with my PMT. Jane is always so welcoming and is such a lovely lady she has got a natural talent for making you feel at ease. I would highly recommended going to Jane.
Thank you so much for helping me.

My absolute pleasure Sarah, I love our sessions and our topic of conversation never fails to make us laugh ? laughter is def the best medicine ?x

 by Kath Edge
Inspiring whilst healing!

I have been going to Jane for reflexology and reiki for a number of years now. I always look forward to my treatment - Jane has a very special gift and continues to heal me as well as inspiring me with her beautiful soul. I would go every day if I could! I would highly recommend Jane - we all need her in our lives.

Thank you so much Kath ?? What a beautiful review. I always look forward to our sessions your always such a bundle of light and energy ?

 by Michelle Viccars
Fabulous lovely lady!!

Jane is absolutely warm and friendly, she has very much helped me over my anxiety and I feel a hundred times better than I did a few months ago. She listened to my issues and tailored the session to meet my needs. She is a miracle worker!! Thank you so much...Michelle

Thanks for the review Michelle, I always look forward to our sessions and it’s an honour to share your journey. ? x

 by Darren ward
So relaxing

Having a reflexology session is so relaxing, jane is so welcoming and extremely good. Wish i could go every day.

Thanks Darren, I love working on your tired feet lol and putting the world to rights ??

 by Melanie Ward
You need this lady in your life!

I have been going to Jane for well over a year and she has been fantastic with every treatment i have had from her. My main treatment is reflexology of my feet i know that sounds funny but i have had reflexology of my hands with Jane also, both are equally amazing but i love my feet being treated! Jane has become a therapist for myself, my husband, my daughter and numerous friends, i recommend her highly and count myself lucky to have her in my life, thank you Jane for always making me feel better, mind sole and body.

Thanks Mel for your lovely Review ? your definitely more like family than clients absolutely love our time and laughter together x

 by alan williams
a non beleiver

I am 80 yrs old, fit, but getting a bit stiff in the limbs. I have never believed in this sort of thing, but my daughter kept on to try it, so i did. My word after a consultation and some reflexology with jane, i came bouncing out and was very surprised of the effect and after effect it had on my physical health.So now as you would expect i am waiting for the next appointment to see what other" magic" she can drum up for me.

Thanks for the feedback Alan! I’m so happy that you experienced the relief you did in just one session, Reflexolgy is just amazing! It was lovely to meet yourself and your wife and look forward to seeing you soon. Warm wishes Jane

 by Emily

I was extremely nervous when I first went to see Jane, but she put me at ease straight away as she is so friendly and welcoming. I have received EFT and hypnotherapy and after 2 sessions I can already start to see the positive outcomes that it is having on my stress and anxiety. I would highly recommend Jane.

I love our sessions Emily and you’ve worked so hard to release your anxiety I’m so proud of you ??

 by Rhian Hughes
Excellent service. Highly recommend.

I have been attending avalon hypnotherapy for several months now. I have had a range of sessions including hypnotherapy, EFT and reflexology. Initially I was nervous about going to see Jane however she is extremely friendly Nd welcoming and made me feel comfortable straight away. I found the hypnotherapy and EFT has really helped with my anxiety and confidence. I have my own CD from Jane too which I can use at home. Reflexology is also amazing and I have often arrived at Jane's feeling anxious or low and left feeling on top of the world and very relaxed. Jane was quick to answer any questions I had and always provides additional ee sources. I will definitely continue to attend sessions with Jane and highly recommend her to everyone who has an interest in these kind of interventions. Thank you so much Jane x

You’ve shown amazing strength and courage Rhian, I have loved working with you and it’s been an honour to be a small part of your journey ?

 by Kayte bird

I was so nervous about going but when i arried i was made to feel so welcome and at ease. Having fibromyalgia i was so worried about someone touching me but after my massage i felt i could move with ease for the first time in ages. I wpuld recommed anyone to go see jane i will defeintly be back again x

It was lovely to meet you Kayte and I’m so looking forward to our next session x

 by Hannah

I always look forward to my reflexology sessions with Jane. She is such a lovely, positive person who has enabled me to relax during the exam season. I would highly recommend her!

I always look forward to our sessions Hannah, your beautiful inside and out and It’s been wonderful to watch you grow into the strong woman you are now ?

 by Jayne Morris
Fantastic treatment

Jane makes you feel at ease from the time you walk in. I had a course of Hypnotherapy and EFT last year for anxiety issues and was amazed at the results. Recently had reflexology and again this has proved beneficial. I highly recommend Jane.

It’s always lush to see you and what a journey! Your truly amazing and I’m so very proud of you x

 by Alison Davies
Reflexology & Massage

I’ve been having reflexology regularly with Jane for a few years. Now that Jane does massage, I’m having that too! Jane is excellent at both.
I feel so light and relaxed afterwards, it takes all my aches and stiffness away. I always have the best night sleep after a session. Jane is so easy to get on with and talk to. Would highly recommend!

I absolutely love our sessions and chats Ali. Seeing how spaced out you are after the session is just priceless #purerelaxation ?

 by Rachel

Jane is amazing! I had my reservations about reflexology, but gave it a go after a recommendation from a friend to help with my mood as I suffer from depression. Jane made me feel so at ease and I came out feeling the most relaxed I've ever been! Really looking forward to the next session.

It was so lovely to meet you Rachel and thanks for sharing your journey with me. I look forward to our next session x

 by Leanne

Amazing service! Very professional and welcoming. Has worked wonders for me with on going problems with my ankle and shoulders. Would highly recommend!

It’s always lovely to see you Leanne and I’m so happy it’s helping your ankle problem x

 by Julie Blackler
Fantastic service f

Today was my 3rd visit to Jayne and I’m already looking forward to my 4th. I have had both reflexology and massage and I have to say they have been amazing. The reflexology relieved my sciatica on the first visit and the massage is working wonders for my ongoing muscular problems.
Jayne is such a lovely person who puts you at ease immediately and is so knowledgeable. I have no hesitation in highly recommending both Jayne and her services. Thank you so much ?

I absolutely love our sessions Julie and especially our chats that hour just seems to race by! I look forward to seeing you soon my lovely x

 by Linzi
Best Massage Ever

I booked in with the lovely Jane for a full body Swedish Massage & wow, it was absolutely amazing!! Jane really puts you at ease & it was so relaxing, I literally floated around for the rest of the day. Can honestly say it’s the best massage I’ve ever had!! Thank you Hun, I’ll definately be back xxx

Thanks for a wonderful review Linzi wow! It’s always lush to see you and I love working out your knots from running! See you soon my lovely x

 by Jayne

Thank you Jane!! From the moment I met a Jane I was put at ease and found talking to her so easy. She listened and understood my issues. I have had 4 sessions and feel 100% better. Jane you are a star xxx

Jayne, your simply amazing and your also incredibly brave, strong and inspirational! So proud of you x

 by Annie
Reiki ✨✨✨✨

One word Amazing! Having always been into alternative therapies but never fully trying reiki I decided after seeing so many positive comments about Jaynes treatment to give it a go.

I instantly felt relaxed and fully trusted Jayne and the treatment was fantastic, I felt grounded, calm and relaxed after a hour and have never slept so well. My second treatment didn't dissapoint. Jayne is very intuitive, down to earth and just gets what you need without you having to explain! I am so grateful I booked in, looking forward to my third treatment soon. Thank you xx

 by Stephanie
thank you

I would like to say a huge "thank you" to Jayne.
I saw Jayne who helped relax and calm me through hypnotherapy and reflexology before a long flight .
I can honestly say I have never felt so relaxed.
Jayne is an amazing person who instantly puts you at ease and makes you feel so comfortable.

 by Deb Morgan

Jane has helped me in so many ways over the years with Emotional Freedom Therapy and Reiki. She is very professional with her treatments and has the personality to put you at ease and allow you to relax as soon as you speak with her. I would highly recommend getting in touch with her if you feel the need of emotional or physical help.

 by Neil ware

Really enjoyed my 1st Reflexology session with Jayne tonight. Feeling a fantastic

 by Chloe banks
My reflexology and EFT experience with Jane

I had an amazing experience when I visited Jane a couple weeks ago, we did some EFT on some personal issues and weight issues and I left her feeling like a weight had been lifted from my shoulders. Jane is so friendly and outgoing she really makes you feel really at ease and you can really open up to her. She made the whole experience really easy for me and I would definitely say it's made a big change.

Reflexology was just fab- amazed me how much better I felt after the massage. I usually have very bad tension in my neck and shoulders and have lower back problems to, however since reflexology I feel my body sort of feels "lighter" and I am getting a lot better night sleep now that the shoulder and neck issues are resolved. You definitely get your money's worth as I have not had any problems since and this is just from one session!

Can't wait to go back again and see Jane.

 by Susan Samuel

I started seeing Jayne last year after suffering from panic attacks and anxiety. It was a recommendation from a colleague and if I am honest I didn't think it would work for me but I was desperate and prepared to try anything. How wrong was I. After one session of EFT and hypnotherapy I felt much calmer and as the sessions progressed I got my life back. I have also tried the reflexology which is so relaxing and more recently the Reiki which was weird but wonderful. I am so grateful to Jayne who treats you like a friend and puts you at ease immediately. I would highly recommend The treatments and can't believe what a difference they have made to my life. Xx

 by Abigail

I would just like to say a massive thank you Jane for helping me through my fear of flying using EFT and hypnotherapy! I was able to enjoy my holiday and relax. It's also helped me in everyday activities to relax and take control. Was brilliant thank you very much!

 by Roxanne

Really loved my therapy sessions, I'm finding that they are helping me so much. Jane is a lovely lady who is easy to talk to and makes you feel comfortable and relaxed. I would recommend this therapy (EET and hypnotherapy) next session booked 🙂 xxx

 by Laura James

Jane is an outstanding therapist, due to her warmth, compassion and understanding character she puts you at ease straight away.

Her Reflexology sessions are amazing, you instantly feel the stresses of life float away.I would highly recommend Jane to everyone.

 by Carol

I just want to say a big thank you to Jane. She really helped me to stop nail biting using hypnotherapy and EFT, and results happened much quicker than I thought. I really looked forward to my sessions and found Jane to be a great person and a top notch therapist. I would advise anyone who is dithering about getting therapy, to go to Jane because she is great.

 by Jade Morris

After every session I am looking forward to my next. Jane is so lovely and welcoming I feel as if iv known her for years. She's a great listener and understood my concerns and worries with empathy and consideration. I have tried the hypnotherapy, the eft and the reflexology and each treatment makes me feel relaxed and at ease. The eft is an amazing tool which I can use whenever and wherever I'd like and the more I'm using it the more I feel my worries are at bay and my confidence is growing. My favorite treatment is the reflexology, I can't get over how relaxed I am after it. I still find it hard to believe that by massaging my feet can make me so relaxed and that jane can tell me information about my body just from my feet. (:

Going to jane has given me a happier and healthier lifestyle which has made me worry less and boosted my self esteem. I'll continue to go to jane, and I can't thank her enough. (:

 by Clare Holland

I've been going to Jane for several years, having had hypnotherapy, reiki and reflexology, and I keep going back because Jane is kind and accepting. She listens to all her problems as well as celebrating the good in life. She helps me retain peace of mind and I have no doubt of her complete discretion. That's why I'm one of her longest-standing clients!

 by E Rees

Words can’t begin to express how grateful I am to Jane for all the help that she’s given me.

She helped me achieve goals that seemed unattainable before being helped with hypnotherapy, EFT and reflexology. Her sympathetic and caring nature truly makes you feel at ease and relaxed.

I genuinely can’t recommend Jane enough; anyone who is looking for help ridding themselves of phobias and anxieties should give Jane a call.

Thank you so much again Jane, you really have lifted a load from my shoulders, diolch

 by Tammy Jones


She has helped me so much with my condition which is so rare, advice she didn't even have to give me. She isn't just a therapist she becomes more of a friend you see when you go.

I would truly recommend her to anyone. It's not just a job to Jane she is truly there to help you with your issue, conditions.

She makes you feel relaxed, welcomed, safe in all of her treatments. :))

Big hugs


See you next week Jane :))

 by Tracey Griffiths

Jane, You know just how grateful I am to you for your help. You unlocked the key that enabled me to get on that long haul flight to Vietnam to take up my dream job. Without you I would never have seen or done as much as I have after only just one session with you. You have also become a part of my life now.

 by Hannah Phillips

I failed my driving test 5 times due to a mental block and low self confidence. i got recomended hypnotherapy by my new driving instructor. at first i was nervous but after two sessions i saw great change within myself. i managed to pass my driving test today and its all thanks for jane and her services i feel like such a happy confident person thanks to her ! thank you jane you have made my dreams possible!

 by Jacquelyn Haley

🙂 I received reflexology from Jane over a year ago, apologies for only now leaving feedback but just seeing this on site! As a therapist myself, its vital that we practice what we preach, the session with Jane was so relaxing and really helped with reason I needed it for in the first place, PMT!!! I would highyly recommend Jane as not only is she an amazing reflexologist, she is very knowledgable on all things holistic in general, I had some fab feedback also. May you career continue to be successful Jane and we deffo need more therapist like you in South Wales. Good luck in you profession! 😀

 by Clare

Had my first reiki session today, feel relaxed and happy. Defo going back for regular sessions. Thanks

 by Barry

I have had a pretty poor year up until my treatment with Jane in September, now its all falling into place with EFT, Hypnotherapy and Reiki, Many thanks for your part in all this Jane, and see you soon

 by Nicola Jones

I found you to be an extremely empathic and accomplished therapist and I would recommend you to anyone. There is so much to be said for alternative therapies, like Reflexology and Reiki; they can help you in so many ways where traditional medicine fails. The sessions left me feeling vital and energetic, I also felt that my MS pain symptoms were somewhat reduced the day after each session. I thank my lucky stars for finding Jane!

 by Kerry

My expectations were exceeded by the reflexology treatments and stress caused by work has eased. More of the same please 🙂

 by Nicola Escott

I felt relaxed and at ease with Jane and she provided an excellent service, very professional. I have thoroughly enjoyed the sessions.

 by Claire Morgan

Thanks Jane, my feet and state of mind are living proof that your reflexology is a wonderful experience. It was great to feel completely relaxed, be taken away from the stresses of everyday life and to have time for me.

 by Carolyn Robinson

I have been to visit Jane and she is such a lovely person she welcomes you and puts you at ease the moment you meet her, her calmness in voice put me at ease right away I felt very nervous about going, but I felt much calmer on leaving and I am looking forward to my next session with her. Thank you so much

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