EFT is drawn from the Chinese practice of acupuncture but instead of using needles we tap on certain meridian points which brings total calm and balance to every part of the body and relaxes the critical mind. It was first founded in the 1990's by Gary Craig (Emofree.com)

Whilst tapping on theses meridians you will also be saying tailored affirmations which can quickly affect your emotional state for the better leading to a more positive and fulfilling life.

This treatment can bring about great change in the mind and could help with problems such as:

< Anxiety & stress, depression, confidence, motivation, low self-esteem, driving test nerves, fear of flying and many more

I would also teach you these techniques on our first session which is a fantastic tool to use for life!

I recommend using EFT and Hypnotherapy together as they are extremely effective and powerful therapies that complement each other. I’m also very happy to do stand-alone sessions.

< £62 EFT & consultation – please allow for up to 90 minutes on the first session

< £53 EFT 1 hour

< £71 EFT, Hypnotherapy & consultation – please allow for up to 2 hrs on the first session

< £62 EFT & Hypnotherapy 1 hour

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